About Us 

​At Moreland & Co, we thrive on client care and where, at all times, our client’s interests come first.  To them, we offer a flexible, friendly environment whilst offering the highest quality of service at competitive local rates. We appreciate that visiting a solicitor for the first time may be a daunting task and, as an antidote to this, our solicitors are friendly and very approachable, yet self assured and confident in the advice that they give clients.  It is imperative that our clients develop a relationship with their legal advisor and that they maintain the same throughout all of their transactions. To achieve this, we endeavour to ensure that you will not be passed around from one fee earner to another. One member of our legal team will have overall conduct of your case throughout. 

To our client’s ‘opponents’ we make it clear that our aim is to obtain the best possible results for our clients and we will use whatever legal tactics are amenable to us to ensure the best possible outcome.

We have experience of acting on behalf of a whole range of commercial clients, ranging from public companies and political parties to individuals. We offer the same high level of service to all our clients, irrespective of size, and we aim to obtain the best possible results as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible in all matters.


Moreland & Co has acted for a  plethora of companies as well as individuals; we have acted for Petroleum Companies; Aviation Companies; a Political Party.

We act for a number of Insolvency Practitioners on a multitude of liquidations, administrations, recovery of assets and realisations.

Some interesting cases are listed below:


  • Acted for a Champions League football team in a contract dispute with an agent relating to the sale of an ex Premiership football player.

  • Acted for a Liquidator in successfully bringing a substantial complex claim for realisation of assets against one of the leading UK telecommunication companies. 

  • Acted for the appellant on an appeal to the Court of Appeal against the decision to strike out the appellants’ petition to wind up the first Respondent LLP on the just and equitable ground. Claim involved complex tax avoidance schemes (involving 11 premiership football players, among others).

  • Acted for a leading UK political party in the UK Supreme Court of Judicature which set precedent in the law of Party Political donations. This was the first prosecution of its kind since the Act was introduced. Successfully appealed to the Supreme Court (4/3 decision). 

Est. 2004


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