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It is inevitable that at some stage in business life one will encounter clients who delay in paying invoices.  At Moreland & Co, we appreciate that cash flow is the life-blood of any business.  Good credit control is vital, but sometimes, efficient debt recovery, by applying the right amount of pressure, at the right time, can be of paramount importance.  

The principal problem of debt collection is that, unless it is dealt with properly, it can be time consuming and laborious. This often results in debt collection work being given a low priority by solicitors.  At Moreland & Co, we undertake to ensure that the work is completed at the earliest opportunity, thus giving debt collection work the priority it requires.

We understand the debt recovery process and want to assist in making your business more successful. 

At Moreland & Co, we deal with a high percentage of Debt Collection matters and have attained a success rate that is commendable.

Further, our skilfull tactics in debt collection matters has resulted in many cases where our client’s debtors have subsequently retained our services for their debt collection matters.

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Debt Collection