At Moreland & Co, we have a team of specialist Wills, Trusts, Probate and Inheritance Tax Solicitors.

Making a Will is an important step in your financial management program.

Failure to make a Will could have an adverse affect on your surviving spouse/civil partner and/or children. Furthermore, in the case of unmarried partners, there is no automatic right of inheritance.

Without a Will, your Estate must be distributed according to the Rules of Intestacy  (set out in the Administration of Estates Act. 1925), the provisions of which are general and inflexible.

The law will say how you shall administer your estate, among whom, and how it shall be divided.  Your property may not be distributed as you wish, and thus cause hardship for those you want to safeguard most.

Without a Will you lose the privilege of naming a guardian for your minor children. This is vital, particularly if your spouse should not survive you.

If you have no surviving family, failure to leave a Will may result in your property going to the Crown.

The Intestacy Rules do not recognise unmarried ‘common law’ partners, friends or cares. To save your intended Heirs time and money, plan now for the orderly transfer of your property.

At Moreland & Co, we provide the necessary expertise needed for the preparation of a Will that is tailor - made for you, created from your instructions and thus, giving effect to your wishes. We also act as Executors in Wills, where requested to do so. You can rest assured that your Will shall be properly phrased, witnessed, and observes all the technicalities.

As well as drafting your Will, our team of experts can also assist you in respect of the following:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning - calculating UK Inheritance Tax
  • Deeds of Gift
  • Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian Issues
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney / Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Administration of Estates – Probate
  • Use of Discretionary Trusts
  • Setting up trust funds / Declaration of trust​

* In relation to the elderly or the sick that need legal assistance, we are happy to arrange for a member of our staff to visit you at home, care home,  hospital or hospice.

For a more detailed discussion on the services we can offer you, please contact Mr Dionissiou on 020 8364 3677 or email:

Wills, Trusts & Probate 

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